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Buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

SPECIAL SALE ! 7gr DRY A+++ buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

The best Psilocybe Cubensis shrooms known to mankind are back for sale, grown by only the most experienced professionals using only the most potent strains.

For Bulk discounts take a look at our other offers for 14Gr and 28Gr!

We only ship whole shrooms no powder because it is important to see the A+++ quality product we have to offer instead of random powder that can contain anything.

✰ Dose:

1-2gr Beginner ✰
2-3,5gr Experienced ✰✰
3,5+gr Very Experienced ✰✰✰

You can eat them raw or make them into a tea or soup, the heat from the tea of soup will not damage the product.

Always make sure you are using these in a comfortable and safe environment, and prepare to have the best time of life! ♡♡♡

– Do not mix with other substances.
– Only order if your above the age of 18

Shipping: FREE – WORLDWIDE (except USA shipping sorry)

Stealth: Proven stealth – Arrival rate 99%

Shipping times :

Domestic 2-4 days
Europe 4-19 days
Worldwide 10-26 days

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