Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis Magic Mushrooms 1 Oz. (28 Grams)


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Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis Magic Mushrooms 1 Oz. (28 Grams)

Magic Mushrooms – These are intact caps & stems, and arrive in a discreet vac-sealed package. I’m the The Shroom dude and have successfully executed close to a thousand transactions on both AB and Dream marketplaces.

It is my goal to provide excellent customer service on the marketplace, always be truthful and upfront about any issues, answer communications in a timely manner, accurately reflect the product for sale and honestly describe my listings for sale.

I would love to be your go-to magic mushroom vendor, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Orders ship out the following business day, multi-oz packs may take longer to ship.

If your order has taken longer than 10 business days, shoot me a message and I will check tracking. Please provide a complete mailing address as formatted below. buy Magic Mushrooms

If your package gets accidentally torn open at the post office. The postal worker will just put the package back together, tape it up, and send it on its way to you.

If the police inspect the package they will have no reason to believe that. it is anything other than the purported contents, and hand it back to you.

I want to be your favourite mushroom vendor for years to come, that means that we both need to be smart and stay safe. I reserve the right to refuse service to individuals who act sketchy, rude, or hostile.

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